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Caster Draft

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Die Karten werden Wort wörtlich neu gemischt!
Das klingt nach einem richtig lustigen Format :) hat geschrieben:
Caster Draft is a casual format for WARMACHINE & HORDES. At the start of each event, players receive a unique Warcaster or Warlock that replaces their normal choice. Then, using unique cards, players draft new spells, weapons, abilities, feats, and stat increases to create a custom caster for the tournament. No player will ever play the same caster twice!

Caster Draft cards can be purchased online HERE

Format: Caster Draft

All games of Caster Draft are played using baseline Steamroller rules, with the following exceptions.

• All players bring a single 50-point army list. Players do not choose a warcaster or warlock for their list, and instead use the Caster Draft Warcaster or Spell Draft Warlock with +30 Warjack or Warbeast points.

• All Theme Forces are allowed. Caster Draft casters are allowed in all Theme Forces.

• Mercenary casters can take any Rhulic and Cephalyx warjacks, and Renegade light warjacks regardless of normal restrictions. Minion warlocks can take Gatorman and Farrow warbeasts regardless of normal restrictions. Grymkin do not receive Arcana cards.

• All games are played using the same scenario. We recommend the event organizer (EO) announces ahead of the event which scenario this will be.

• Caster Draft decks include 4 copies of the Caster Draft Warcaster or Warlock rules, as well as 8 prebuilt drafting packs. EOs can easily sort and organize the drafting packs by using the number in the lower righthand corner of each corner to determine which pack it belongs to. This will allow cards to be used repeatedly for multiple events.

• Drafting: Before the tournament begins, players are divided into groups of four. Every player is given two packs of ten cards, containing a variety of spells, abilities, weapons, stat increases, and feats. These packs are unique and should be kept separate until drafting begins. Without looking at the cards, each player choose which pack they will draft with first, and which one they will draft with second.

When the EO announces that it is time to begin drafting, take one card from your pack, add it to your card pool, and pass the pack to the player on your left. Then take the pack from the player on your right, draft one card from it into your cardpool, and pass the pack to the left. Continue this process until your card pool contains exactly six cards. The undrafted cards are placed in the middle of the table, and are not used.

After all players have six cards in their card pool, and the undrafted cards have been set aside, players repeat the process for the second pack they have. This means at the end of the entire draft, each player will have a total of twelve cards to build their caster with, and there will be a total of thirty two undrafted cards.

• Spells: Spell cards you draft become part of your warcaster or warlock’s spell list for the duration of the tournament.

• Stat Increases: Stat increase cards you draft permanently increase your warcaster or warlock’s stats for the duration of the tournament. These cards are cumulative.

• Weapons: Weapon cards you draft must be assigned to one of your warcaster or warlock’s available weapon slots, and replace the default weapon the caster comes with. A caster can never have more than two weapons. A caster can have two melee weapons, two ranged weapons, or a combination.

• Abilities: Ability cards you draft become part of your warcaster or warlock’s stat card for the duration of the tournament.

• Feats: Feat cards you draft must be assigned to your warcaster or warlock’s available feat slot, and replace the default feat the caster comes with. A caster can never have more than one feat.

• Once all cards are assigned to a caster, they cannot be changed between rounds. Each player should note on their player record sheet which cards they have drafted, and which have been used.

• Pairings for the tournament are drawn from all players in all the drafting groups.
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